Beck Maschinenbau

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Since my education as a mechanic specialized in equipment and precision engineering, I am very interested in ultra precision machine tools. In my mechanic training at one of the leading and largest supplier of machining tools in Europe, Asia and USA, I had the opportunity to learn already in my apprenticeship about a very large selection of ultra precision cutting machines and their peculiarities. I have not only worked with such machines, but also had the opportunity to assemble and refurbish them.

The practical experience and insights I had in the time of my training are still very useful for my daily work as a design engineer. My fascination for the quality and precision of these machines shaped my career.

After several years of work in my job as a tool grinder and CNC milling/programmer at different production sites, I met the decision to develop myself as a mechanical engineer specialized in precision machine tools. After a very successful qualification as a mechanical engineer, I now work as project manager and design engineer for precision tooling and special machinery since several years.

Tobias Beck